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The selection and design principle of automobile connector

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The connector is the main component of the wiring harness, and the performance of the connector has an important influence on the safety of the wiring harness. The design principles for connector selection are as follows:
1. The connector is preferably a connector with a double spring compression structure. Use a sheath with secondary locking to prevent the terminal from retreating; the sheath must be locked; the sheath must have a locking structure, which can be easily installed and removed, and the lock can be clearly felt and heard when the lock is installed in place.
2. Choose the connector according to the cross section of the wire and the size of the overcurrent. Connectors of different specifications can carry current generally as follows: 1 series, about 10A; 2.2 or 3 series, about 20A; 4.8 series, about 30A; 6.3 series, about 45A; 7.8 or 9.5 series, about 60A.
3. Choose a waterproof jacket for the butt butt jacket located in the wet area. Sealing is for waterproofing or preventing pollution. The location of the connector is in a harsh or humid environment. If water or corrosive liquids may enter, a sealed sheath should be selected. The hostile environment includes the front cabin, wheel covers, chassis, doors, etc. Sealed sheaths must be used in places that are easily exposed during use, such as cup holders, meters, etc. Places that are not contaminated by liquids must use a hermetic sheath. For example, the sheath and terminals of the side airbag may or may be affected by the seat foam, causing the gold-plated terminals to lose their meaning. The place where the glue of the driver and passenger is placed should choose a sealing sheath, these areas will focus on excessive moisture and salt.
4. Adjacent sheaths on the same harness should be marked or colored to prevent mistakes.
5. Mixing parts are preferred for the butt sheath. It is necessary to take into account the requirements that may increase the circuit in the future, in order to ensure that the circuit can be added
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